Keith Morris remembers one night with the Circle Jerks in Sacramento.

“The Circle Jerks played a show with DOA at a movie theater in Sacramento and somebody jumped onstage and came running and maybe they were trying to break my jaw but they kneed me in the nose. This could have been my cocaine period because I remember I didn’t feel anything. I felt immortal like you could try to shoot me and wouldn’t kill me. When you play music and getting into athletic mode, all of the blood and adrenaline is flowing. I had a bloody nose but it wasn’t gathering below my nose into my mouth. It was squirting like if you were watering your lawn with sprinklers. I had blood spurting and Greg Hetson pointed at me between songs he said, “dude, your nose! Your nose!” So I reached up and grabbed by nose and popped it back into place.”

As told to Shawna Kenney, read the full interview with Keith here.

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