Episode 02: Richie Birkenhead + Ned Russin

Episode 02: Richie Birkenhead + Ned Russin

Tony Rettman sits down to talk with NYHC legend Richie Birkenhead, and Ned Russin of Title Fight.

Richie came upon the hardcore in the early 80’s as the vocalist for the Numskulls who eventually morphed into Underdog, one of the premier bands to emerge on the much mythicized NYHC scene along with bands like SOIA, YOT, CroMags and Leeway. As the 80’s fell into the 90’s, Richie began to front the band Into Another who along with Quicksand and Orange 9mm forged the ‘post-core’ scene here in NY. Into Another still recording and released “Omens” last year.

Ned Russin is the frontman for the band Title Fight whose most recent album “Hyperview” was released around this time last year on the Anti label after releases on Revelation Records and Side One Dummy. Besides Title Fight Ned plays in Disengage, Big Contest, and Stick Together.


Bad Brains – Big Takeover
Kraut – All Twisted
Misfits – Ghouls Night Out
Descendents – Hope


Cro-Mags – It’s The Limit
Agnostic Front – Last Warning
SS Decontrol – Get It Away
Minor Threat – Think Again
Underdog – True Blue
Youth of Today – Honesty


Title Fight – Rose of Sharon
Give – Sonic Bloom
Reagan Youth – Go Nowhere
Firewalker – Don’t Cross Me

Artwork: Dan Witz, Vision of Disorder 2013, 40″ x 64″. Oil and digital media on canvas.
Mosh Pits, Raves, and One Small Orgy. New Paintings by Dan Witz. Opens April 2, 2016 at Jonathan Levine Gallery
For info on prints: orders@danwitz.com

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