Episode 04: Keith Morris

Episode 04: Keith Morris

Keith Morris is a vocalist who was a founding member of both Black Flag and the Circle Jerks; two bands synonymous with establishing the American Hardcore Punk scene in Southern California. He currently fronts Off!, an American Hardcore Punk supergroup featuring members of Redd Kross, Rocket From The Crypt and Burning Brides. Keith also sings in FLAG, a band made up of former members of Black Flag and the Descendents who perform Black Flag songs. They will be touring Europe in the summer. He also recently completed his autobiography which will be released in August through Da Capo publishing.


Black Flag – “I’ve Had It”
Circle Jerks – “Operation”
Rhino 39 – “Xerox”
Middle Class – “Out of Vogue”


Off! – “Death Trip On The Party Train”
Night Birds – “Life Is Not Amusement To Me”
Eyes – “TAQN”
Violent Reaction – “No Pride”

Artwork: Dan Witz, Agnostic Front Circle Pit, 2014, 48″ x 82″ oil on canvas

Mosh Pits, Raves, and One Small Orgy. New Paintings by Dan Witz. Opens April 2, 2016 at Jonathan Levine Gallery; For info on prints: orders@danwitz.com

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