Episode 06: Sammy Siegler

Episode 06: Sammy Siegler

Sammy Siegler was a prominent member of the New York Hardcore scene in the late 80’s playing drums in the bands Side by Side, Project X, Youth of Today and Judge all before the age of eighteen. In the 90’s, he was in CIV who brought Hardcore to the mainstream via videos on MTV and opening for KISS. As the 2000’s crept in, Siegler played drums in the post-core unit Rival Schools alongside his fellow former Youth of Today member Walter Schreifels. He currently plays in World Be Free, a band featuring members of such legendary Hardcore bands as Terror, Strife and Gorilla Biscuits whose debut full length “The Anti Circle” was released in Feb on Revelation Records.


Judge – “Take Me Away”
Youth of Today – “Disengage”
World Be Free – “Sammy’s Mirror”


Side By Side – “The Time Is Now”
CIV – “United Kids”
Rival Schools – “The Switch”

Artwork: Dan Witz, Sick Of It All, 2015, 49″ x 77″ oil and digital media on canvas

Mosh Pits, Raves, and One Small Orgy. New Paintings by Dan Witz. Opens April 2, 2016 at Jonathan Levine Gallery; For info on prints: orders@danwitz.com

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