Some of mankind’s greatest philosophical pursuits can been boiled down to one simple, but incredibly important question: What kind of punk am I? We are always trying to figure out where we fit in, who are our real friends, and how to make sure no one discovers we are total posers with less than four records in our collections. This quiz—specially designed by the social scientists at The Hard Times—has been created to solve this problem, and will tell you, within some margin of error, exactly what sort of punk you are.

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  1. kelly

    14 April

    Burnin Bob and the Big Boys @ FaceBook.

  2. Fern

    14 April


  3. Jose

    14 April

    Very few of these answers apply. I am so not punk!

    • Patty

      14 April

      Yeah we don’t have Denny’s in Australia I gave up after that

      • Meg

        16 April

        It’s just for boys too. Hey Hard Times, don’t you know punk is “not just boys fun?” Make a girl one, or a gender neutral one! It was funny all the same though.

  4. D

    14 April

    This quiz is brilliant! Getting an ab workout and crying a little.

  5. scott

    14 April

    punk sucks

  6. michael

    14 April

    who wrote these queitions

  7. Red

    14 April


  8. C

    14 April


  9. Michele Powell

    15 April

    What Kind of Punk Are You?
    I‘m Big Justin

    You are a feared presence whenever you step into the pit. Rumor has it you beat up 15 cops at once and then they bought you beer. The night after the fight was when you got that decapitated mongoose tatted on the side of your head. But you need to stop texting my sister every night at 2 a.m., it’s fucked up.

  10. Alberto

    15 April

    This is stupid!

  11. Nuns

    15 April

    Whoever wrote this quiz is a moron and should be punished by having to listen to nothing but Rollins band for the rest of their miserable lives.

  12. Jaime

    15 April

    Where did you get these questions? Did you find them in a flier in the parking lot of a warped tour? Cromags are not a punk band. Punk is about DIY it always has been.
    If you need an example listen to what Mike Ness says in the documentary from the 80’s called Suburbia. I guess Fat Mike who started Fat Wreck Chords or Brett from Bad Religion who started Epitaph records aren’t punk either. Black flag is a punk band but so were the Dead Kennedy’s, D.I., Social D., X, Germs,Minor Threat etc…guess I should go back to my job at Hot Topic…

    • Dave Stewart

      16 April

      The Cro Mags weren’t punk? That is the dumbest thing I believe I’ve ever read.

      Especially given that I’m standing next to Harley Flanagan as I write this.

  13. M

    15 April

    That was pretty funny. It wasnt meant to reaffirm who you already think you are.

  14. erin

    15 April

    accurate as fuck

  15. Tj

    15 April

    These questions aren’t really that good. Ask some fuckers to make there own surveys and go from there

  16. Jesse

    15 April

    Punk is like, Green Day right?

  17. piss offster

    15 April

    Get fucked

  18. clay

    16 April


    aerggh I’m a victim of clickbait

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